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Woman in The Woodlands, TX lying in bed considering breast reduction and wondering what recovery is like

What Happens During Breast Reduction Recovery?

Women who get breast reduction surgery at our practice in The Woodlands, TX, are among the patients who are most thrilled with their results. Many of these women have lived for years with physical pain, not to mention unwanted attention that made them feel self-conscious. To get the best possible results from the surgery, it's …

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Woman with hand on head, smiling

Radiesse Treatments – The Woodlands Facial Fillers

Do you wish you had the smooth skin you used to have when you were younger? Wrinkles and lines appear in the skin with age. Luckily, they can be filled with Radiesse treatments, restoring smooth, youthful skin. Patients receiving Radiesse treatments get local anesthesia before the injections to ensure that they are not painful. The …

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