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Dysport® vs BOTOX®: 4 Differences To Consider

When the FDA initially approved BOTOX in 2002 to minimize the dreaded "11s"—the vertical frown lines that develop between the eyes—it quickly became the go-to anti-wrinkle treatment in plastic surgery practices worldwide. When Dysport emerged in 2009 to challenge BOTOX's dominance, patients wanted to know if one was better. The short answer is not really, …

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What’s the Difference Between BOTOX® and Fillers?

If you're new to the world of cosmetic injectables, don't worry if you're confused by the different product names and are unsure of what's best for your concerns. Most people considering injectable treatments such as BOTOX at our practice in The Woodlands, TX, want to address specific problem areas, such as crow's feet, thin lips, …

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